Items to Bring on Retreat

Things to bring

  • Your own yoga mat, if you have one (we’ll have a few extra), and know that the postures will be done standing, sitting and on the floor; however,  it is also possible to do variations from a chair.
  • Your own meditation bolster or cushion, if you have one (chairs are available if you don’t want to sit on the floor).
  • A firm toss pillow to use as a yoga/meditation prop (we have chairs for meditation, but it’s nice to add a toss pillow to help posture)/
  • A blanket or shawl to wrap around you for meditation or extra sweater/
  • Journal and pen (for your own use, or to take notes during talks).
  • Uplifting reading material (we’ll provide some handouts and links on the website, and will have some books and materials for sale from Crystal Clarity Publishers)
  • Sturdy shoes for walking on some paved and gravel paths (and consider bringing a pair of shoes that are easily removable since there are no shoes worn in our program/conference room).
  • Slippers or “inside shoes” to wear inside the facility (for our conference room, hallways to our rooms, dining area, etc.)
  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable, casual, modest clothing for meditation and yoga — dress in layers, as mornings/evenings are usually quite cool.  We may do some Energizing, Ananda Yoga, or a class outside if it’s warm enough.  You might like something nicer for Sunday service.
  • Water bottle.
  • Your favorite tea (we’ll have hot water available)/
  • Uplifting behavior appropriate to a spiritual community setting to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Optional: donation for our Sunday morning service, sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, rain gear and/or umbrella/

Some additional things to keep in mind

  • The retreat provides bed linens, pillows, and towels.
  • Candles, incense, or fires are prohibited—indoors or outdoors—unless supervised by staff.
  • Refrain from bringing perfumes or strongly scented body lotions, alcoholic beverages, drugs (except prescription medicines), and pets.
  • If you need to smoke, please do so only in the parking lot.
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