Spring Meditation 2020

Join us for a Spring Meditation & Optional Overnight

In these times of inward and outward challenges, join with like-minded souls to experience calm and inspiration blossoming within you.

We are guided by the universal teachings and techniques of Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.  One hundred years ago he traveled from India to Boston to share how the East and West could unite to deepen our inner joy and happiness.  

This meditative day and optional overnight will allow you to experience the deeper essence of yoga and meditation, so that you can brings its benefits into every aspect of your life.

  • Discover simple, effective techniques to attune to your true essence as divine calm and love
  • Experience guided practices in pranayama (breathing techniques), gentle Ananda Yoga postures for all abilities, affirmation and concentration techniques, and how to be in stillness
  • Get inspired with practical resources to connect with community

Meditation Leaders

Our leaders include Cecile Evans from Evansville, IN; Tracy Anderson from St. Louis, MO; and Kevin from Cincinnati, OH.  All three have led yoga/meditation in their respective areas, as well as assisting and coordinating Midwest retreats.  Interestingly, all three are also experienced massage therapists.  Most importantly, they are enthusiastic about sharing meditation with you, and supporting you in your quest to experience joy within!

We hope you can join us!  For further details and to register, click here [an active link to will be inserted shortly!].  In the meantime, if you are interested, drop us an email, and we will keep you posted!

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